SHORE LEAVE (19 mins)


On voyages that span months on the ocean, merchant seafarers intermittently disembark in ports all over the world, becoming transient visitors to cities that unconsciously rely on their labour. 

Set at Melbourne’s Mission to Seafarers, SHORE LEAVE is a short documentary that follows sailors into the city as they seek to shake the monotony and loneliness of life aboard ship. With mere hours at their disposal, recreation becomes pragmatic, and sometimes the most pressing desire is a new pair of shoes. Free time can be expensive. 

As the containers are loaded and their ships set to sail, seafarers hurry back to the docks; some bear gifts, others a heavy heart


St Kilda Film Festival 2018

Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes De Verín (Spain) 2018

10th Île Courts – International Short Film Festival of Mauritius (Port Louis, Mauritius) 2017



Director/Cinematographer/Editor - Madeleine Martiniello

Production Manager - Gilder Blacher

Sound - Oscar Ascencio

Stills - Gena Lida Riess


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