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Rosa's Story is a short documentary film commissioned by MS Australia as part of CoAct's 'Change the Story' film festival.

To watch the film online visit the 'Change the Story' website here.



Rosa Fazzari lives a humble life. She resides in the same suburb in which she was raised and stops for coffee each morning at the home of her elderly parents who live next door to the primary school at which she works. At this school - Lalor Primary - Rosa is the longest serving employee. She attended the school as a child and sent her daughters there as well.

Yet the stability of Rosa’s life has been at risk ever since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis thirty years ago. As Rosa faces the unpredictable challenges of her sometimes debilitating symptoms, she maintains a resolute commitment to her local community. Her work as a support teacher for children struggling with the English as a second language exposes Rosa to the determination of her students, inspiring her to remain fearless in the face of her own struggles with MS.