Turtles all the way down



An excerpt from my film Tomato Day will be screening as part of the collaborative video essay 'Turtles all the way down' at King’s Leap in Brooklyn, NY from Friday May 19th – Sunday May 21st.

The essay has a nonlinear structure that transforms and grows ad infinitum. Like two mirrors facing each other, a paradox exists at the heart of representation. Between intent and interpretation, Turtles… is a multilogue, an infinite regress of formal and conceptual experimentation.




Presented by: Interval 

Contributing artists: Matthew Berka, Annie Berman, Sofi Basseghi, David Brazier and Kelda Free, Hanna Chetwin, Caitlin Cummane, Julia Davis, Mahmood Fazal, Giles Fielke, Jane Frances Dunlop, Joe Hamilton, Pat Hamilton, Timothy Hillier and Danzel Baker, Harry Hughes, Adam and Zack Khalil, Olivia Koh, Katrin Koenning, Collin Leitch, Madeleine Martiniello, Sabina Maselli, Salome Oggenfuss, Steve Rhall, James Vaughn, Grahame Weinbren, Adele Wilkes, Nina Yuen

Curated by: Anita Spooner