'Tomato Day' @ Archivio Aperto X Edizione, Bologna

A program of works from the Artist Film Workshop, including my short film 'Tomato Day', will be screen tomorrow night in Bologna, Italy. The program plays as part of Archivio Aperto X, the annual film festival of the wonderful Home Movies - Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia. Following the AFW screening is a program by renowned Austrian filmmakers Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek!! 

17:30 - Istituto Parri, via Sant’Isaia 20, Bologna, IT

Taking a line for a walk: films by Audrey Lam, George Clark & Madeleine Martiniello

Image from Audrey Lam's  Untitled (work-in-progress)

Image from Audrey Lam's Untitled (work-in-progress)

As part of her Room To Create residency at Yarra City Council, Audrey Lam will be screening some of her past films as well as a work-in-progress from the residency.

To accompany these films, Sea of Clouds/雲海 by George Clark and Tomato Day by Madeleine Martiniello will also be playing. Programme is approximately 80 minutes, with short interval and discussion.

From Audrey: 'Paul Klee once said that drawing is like taking a line for a walk. The title of this screening thinks back to that quote, and to a conversation I had with a friend long ago who introduced me to it. Sharing Madeleine's and George's films here also feels like a new conversation.'


Underground, 2008, 4 minutes, 16mm to digital transfer, Audrey Lam, Australia
Faraways, 2012, 10 minutes, 16mm to digital transfer, Audrey Lam, Australia
Magic Miles, 2014, 14 minutes, 16mm to digital transfer, Audrey Lam, Australia
A River Twice, 2017, 14 minutes, 16mm to digital transfer, Audrey Lam, Australia
Untitled (work-in-progress), 18 minutes, 16mm to digital transfer, Audrey Lam, Australia/Hong Kong
Sea of Clouds/雲海, 2016, 16 minutes, 16mm to digital transfer, George Clark, UK/Taiwan
Tomato Day, 2016, 6 minutes, 16mm to digital transfer, Madeleine Martiniello, Australia

3pm-5pm Saturday 28 October 2017
Seminar Room 1, Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library

'Shore Leave' premieres at Île Courts


A little late with the announcement, but here it is:


Shore Leave had its world premiere at the 10th edition of Île Courts – International Short Film Festival of Mauritius last Saturday 14 October, at Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis. 

It screened as part of the program 'En Eau Trouble' (In Cloudy Water) alongside a selection of shorts from Mauritius, Singapore, India, Iran and Madagascar. 


So happy that Shore Leave could premiere on a screen beside the ocean!!


AFW @ CCP - Tomato Day Screening


10 films from the Artist Film Workshop
Sunday 6 August, 6pm

Centre for Contemporary Photography
Gold-coin donation, no bookings required.

Hanna Chetwin, Soda, 2017, 16mm, 6mins - digital sound
Richard Tuohy, Pancoran, 2017, 16mm, 9mins - digital sound
Giles Fielke, Internal and External Objects, 2017,16mm, 7min - digital sound
Zi-Yun Lam, Travel Film, 16mm, 3mins - digital sound
Madeleine Martiniello, Tomato Day, 2016, 16mm, 6mins - digital sound
Callum Ross-Thomson, Fire Mountain, 16mm, 10mins - digital sound
Lucas Haynes, Shoplifting, 16mm, 2mins - digital sound
Sabina Maselli, untitled, 16mm, 5mins - digital sound
Olivia Koh, frozen spit, digital video, 10mins - digital sound
Nina Gilbert, The Image Possibility, digital video, 8mins 5secs - digital sound




Turtles all the way down



An excerpt from my film Tomato Day will be screening as part of the collaborative video essay 'Turtles all the way down' at King’s Leap in Brooklyn, NY from Friday May 19th – Sunday May 21st.

The essay has a nonlinear structure that transforms and grows ad infinitum. Like two mirrors facing each other, a paradox exists at the heart of representation. Between intent and interpretation, Turtles… is a multilogue, an infinite regress of formal and conceptual experimentation.




Presented by: Interval 

Contributing artists: Matthew Berka, Annie Berman, Sofi Basseghi, David Brazier and Kelda Free, Hanna Chetwin, Caitlin Cummane, Julia Davis, Mahmood Fazal, Giles Fielke, Jane Frances Dunlop, Joe Hamilton, Pat Hamilton, Timothy Hillier and Danzel Baker, Harry Hughes, Adam and Zack Khalil, Olivia Koh, Katrin Koenning, Collin Leitch, Madeleine Martiniello, Sabina Maselli, Salome Oggenfuss, Steve Rhall, James Vaughn, Grahame Weinbren, Adele Wilkes, Nina Yuen

Curated by: Anita Spooner

Grace Under Fire - Radio Interview & LAUNCH at Nova Cinema, 11 May 2017

Over the past six months I have been working on a short documentary for the Victorian Women's Trust called Grace Under Fire. It details the hidden epidemic of workplace sexual harassment facing young women in regional Australia, and tells the story of 20-year-old Grace, who was forced to confront harassment in the small country town in which she grew up.

The film features interviews with former Chief of Army David Morrison, and academic and author Dr. Skye Saunders, whose book 'Whispers from the Bush' served as inspiration for the film.

The film will finally premiere to a sold out audience at Nova Cinema tomorrow night, with an introduction by Chief Justice Diana Bryant and a performance by Marcia Howard (whose song - 'Angel Full of Grace' - features in the film).

Dr. Saunders and I also featured on SBS Radio last week to discuss the film. Listen below or via the SBS website